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Every day, you hear about cyber attacks, like a broken record? Do you hear this refrain so often that you end up wondering if your company is well protected? At on-x, we know that the cyber threat is not inevitable. The real question is: are you sure of your defenses? How do you prepare yourself?

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Our solutions

We don't want to play the drama queen...especially since between phishing, hacking, phishing... There is no shortage of words to describe cyber attacks. And neither are the numbers! In 2021, the number of extortions has increased by 95%. Average amount: 128 000€. Protecting your company well, anticipating and dealing with incidents: that is the question. And we can help you answer it! Discover our solutions in Cybersecurity 

Audits & Diagnostics

So... protect, if you got the antidote*

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I need to test my defenses in case of a cyber attack and a real diagnosis of my information system! The protection of your information system requires a precise examination. We offer you several options.

Inventory and maturity diagnostics

IS" audit (organizational and physical audits, architecture audits, configuration audits, source code audits, penetration tests)

audit of buildings and structures (physical intrusions)

setting up of Red Team (use of all techniques to achieve a predefined objective).

control audit -> analysis according to the state of the art.

Our team is PASSI qualified by theANSSI to provide you with qualified audit services (did you know that not all audit services are qualified services, ordering a qualified service is justified in the context of specific regulatory needs).

The on-x CERT practices responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities that we discover in the course of our activities. Here you can find the list of vulnerabilities published by the on-x team.

Protection & Security by Design

Beat it, just beat it

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I need hard rock solutions!

You want to detect threats instantly, secure your information system to meet your business or regulatory challenges. 

 Cybersecurity assessments, upgrade plans, master plans

 Security architectures

Security support for your major transformation projects

Integration of security in the project cycle

Implementation of SOC, definition of detection targets

 Security of industrial systems

 Protection of information and fight against information leakage (dlp)

Identity management (iam)

 Risk analysis (ebios, iso 27005)

Assistance with safety certification

Regulatory compliance (CNIL/RGPD, rgs, nis, llm, PPST, ii 901, igi 1300)


Action & Reaction

The show must go on...*

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I need immediate assistance!

I've been the victim of a cyber attack and I need help to manage the crisis. CERT on-x, our incident response and alert center, can help you in the event of an attack on your information system. It is also there to play its part upstream and prevent you from having any problems.

Responding to incidents

Managing a crisis

 Assist you in the total or partial reconstruction of your computer system 

 Plan for business continuity and recovery

Organize a crisis exercise

Managed Services

Let's dance* !

* David Bowie

I need full assistance to avoid bad impros.

I want a team I can trust to protect my information system, manage emergency repairs and anticipate threats. With our expertise in cybersecurity, we provide you with a comprehensive managed services offering.

Vulnerability Watch

Maintenance in safe condition (MCS)

 Managed EDR and XDR

Our partners Rock star of the defense :

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Awareness & training

Training is the first enemy of hackers

I need to train my teams on cyber risks.

Malicious e-mails, fake phone calls, viruses and infected media... hackers are counting on your employees' lack of cyber skills. Reflexes, good practices to adopt, risk assessment: we help you to make their ranges to better thwart the risks.

Outreach Strategy

General awareness

Targeted awareness


Serious games

Phishing campaign

Customized training


Should I stay or should I go...*

* The Clash

I need to be delivered from the GDPR.

Faced with questions of compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, I turn it off. Not easy indeed, and that's why we have a dedicated team, with the necessary legal and technical skills to accompany you on specific missions or even more.

RGPD compliance diagnostics

RGPD compliance

Outsourcing your Data Protection Officer (DPO)


Securing my IS? What for?

Turning security into a business opportunity

Protecting your information assets

Strengthen your trust capital with your customers

Gain in efficiency
Reduce your costs


Secure my IS with on-x?
Why should I do this?

Over 35 years of experience

Reactivity & Flexibility

Recognized certifications

DeSecOps approach

ISO 27001 Certification Badge - Information Security Management
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Behind the scenes at Cyber

woman takes a train

Our client is one of the 5 largest railway companies in the world with over 5 billion passengers per year.


Support the CERT division in its monitoring, alert and response activities.


Creation of a malicious code analysis and security incident management platform

Formalization of capitalization and crisis management processes


Better efficiency in detecting attacks and coordinating the response

Fewer security incidents

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The RGPD hit parade

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Find their selection and analysis in our monthly review "RGPD Hit Parade".

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