For local authorities and operators, the digital transformation is proceeding at a frenetic pace. By 2023, with the Plan France Très Haut Débit, the whole country must have very high-speed broadband. And by 2025, all households should be able to surf at high speed thanks to optical fiber. Do you want to accelerate the pace? To be as close as possible to your expectations, we have created an exclusive mission within the Digital Territories division.
* The Who

Our solutions

For you, smoothing communication and interacting effectively with your constituents is crucial. Your priority is to facilitate the realization of your public service mission while ensuring that your agents have the right tools. Not to mention your work organization, which must be reviewed and improved. All this, while taking into account the specificities of your territory. A headache? For the full and complete success of your digital transformation, we offer you support that relies above all on attentive listening. Our objective: to think of adapted solutions, as sharp as possible, as close as possible to your expectations...

Consulting & Strategy


I need to propel my territory into the world of tomorrow but I don't know where to start. 

Thinking about digital transformation in your community is a revolution for you. Especially since your territory has its own soundtrack and specificities to be heard. To help you, on-x has created a dedicated mission thanks to its regional presence.

* The Beatles.

Engineering & project management

Whatever you want*...

I need a conductor to lead my digital project and avoid the pitfalls. 

Do you want to orchestrate digital infrastructures well adapted to your territory? Theon-x teams have a consulting and engineering role to support you in your digital strategy.

* Tina Turner.

Modeling & Governance


I need to decipher the location of the territorial data and the geography of the information system. 

Is digital transformation too technical for you?

Theon-x teams are at your side to take care of the most advanced aspects of your project, from expertise to high-speed network modeling and data governance.

* Led Zepplin.


The digital transformation of my territory? What is it for?

Improve the quality of services for your users

Develop the economy, the influence and the attractiveness of your territory

Making digital technology a lever for innovation

Optimize investments in the deployment of your infrastructure and associated services


Why with the on-x group?

More than 20 years of experience in the development of digital territories

A multidisciplinary team

Hundreds of missions to our credit
(France and Europe)

A "user" approach

Integration of the CSR dimension

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Man listening to music with headphones on his head

Backstage of the group on-x


Our client SICTIAM is a structure that supports local authorities and public establishments in the digital transition and the mutation of their jobs. Our mission? To assist them in piloting the deployment of the fiber optic network over the entire public area of the Alpes-Maritimes department.


To have an asset base of infrastructures related to the deployment of optical fiber

Monitor the deployment of optical fiber in the territory

Anticipate abuses before they occur to take countermeasures

Communicate with elected officials about the progress of the deployment


Centralized database storage of project elements

Specific developments to automatically feed the database

BI (via Power BI) to: monitor project-related indicators and set future milestones to ensure they are met (forecast)

Thematic mapping based on the content of the database


Centralization of information

Reliable and easy information processing

Provision of real-time monitoring indicators

Predictive tool for permanent project refocusing

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