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Your issues

Don't waste any more time, we are here to help you avoid false notes!

Virtual reality, cybersecurity, the cloud, setting up a high-speed network or developing a connected and sustainable territory... digital is everywhere. To enable your organization to emerge on the podiums, each step of your digital transformation must be fine-tuned. Theon-x teams are here to offer you the right solutions that will keep you going.

Our expertise

Number 1 in the hit parade, digital transformation is the new star for all companies, administrations and communities in the know. While new technologies are moving at full speed, being one step ahead (and even several) makes all the difference. Whatever your challenges, our teams will be able to adapt to your needs and compose, with you, the digital score that suits you.

"I want hard rock solutions to detect and secure my IS"

Discover our
Cybersecurity solutions

Beat it, just beat it

Preventing attacks
Protect yourself and detect cyber threats
Dealing with an IS attack
Benefit from a complete managed services solution
Getting into RGPD compliance
Outsource your DPO
*Michael Jackson

"I want to propel my territory into the world of tomorrow, but where do I start? "

Discover our
Digital Territories expertise

We all want to change the word 

Consulting and strategy in digital transformation of territories (digital infrastructures, uses and services, cybersecurity, information systems, cloud)
Technical and economic due diligence
Engineering & project management
Due Diligence Studies
Modelling & governance of territorial data (GIS - Geographic Information Systems, DBMS, ...)
*Revolution - The Beatles

"I want to make remote work swing and encourage mobility for my teams."

Discover our
Cloud solutions

Rock around the cloud

Want more flexibility at work? Take advantage of all your data, applications, and infrastructure - anywhere, anytime, securely. It's time to move to the cloud with us!

Build-to-run" Cloud Solutions
French or international public cloud solutions, private cloud, hybrid cloud... plus managed services
Quanta: the solution to control your eco-friendly ROI
Securing your digital access
Microsoft Office 365 (MS 365) expertise
*Bill Haley

"I want support that kicks ass for my infra project."

Discover our solutions
Infra & information system

Fix the world up for you

On a contract basis, fixed-price or as an integrated service center, our consultants support you and build for you all the associated reflection, both on your infrastructures and on your information systems.

deployment of workstations (tablets, laptops, connected objects)
design, implementation, management and operation of operator solutions
digital project management (project plans, project coordination in complex environments, project management organization / quality assurance plan, risk and opportunity management, budget management ...)
Assistance to the project owner (AMOA)
*Jim Morrison

"I want an immersive solution, to improve my teams' interactions with the real world."

Discover our solutions
XR : Extended Reality

The virtual world is real*.

Say goodbye to old-fashioned music theory! Our consultants and developers will accompany you in your projects and create, for you, thanks to virtual and augmented reality technologies, the solution that will blow your mind!

Immersive training
Maintenance in operational condition
Industry 5.0
Digital twin
Marketing and immersive customer experience

Behind the scenes at on-x

Aero VR

The Aero VR application has been designed to optimize the maintenance training of a GE 90 engine, present on Boeing 777s. Through this immersive training, in virtual reality, the user learns which are the different control points and tasks to check to ensure the proper functioning of this engine of more than 8.3 tons and 3.43 meters in diameter.

The learner is also trained to recognize the different deteriorations of the engine blades. An exercise mode allows the trainee to practice checking the interior of an engine, using a boroscope probe, to detect damage.

Working at Height
Working at height

This application was created during the implementation of the client's HSE policy. Its purpose is to make technicians aware of working at heights (over 30 meters) and safety.

Through a virtual reality headset, the application faithfully reproduces the physical and physiological sensations that can occur during this type of intervention, such as vertigo. This very realistic immersion allows learners to learn about safety measures during several scenarios. The interest is to reproduce scenarios that cannot be carried out in real conditions, for safety reasons.

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Digital transformation?
What is it for?

Secure your business

Boost your attractiveness

Reduce your costs associated with errors and recurring problems

Encourage the mobility of your teams

Involve your customers and employees

Gamify your training for increased efficiency


The on-x teams are on your side and it's not just talk!

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Cyber Expert Certification
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