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Virtual reality, cybersecurity, setting up a very high speed network or fiber, Cloud... Omnipresent, digital has the star. To enable your organization to emerge on the podiums, each step of your digital transformation must be fine-tuned. Theon-x teams are there to offer you the right solutions that will keep you going.

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To define us, we could first talk about "expertise". on-x has 36 years of experience in consulting and information systems. Our job: to remain pioneers. Staying one step ahead. To be agile before the times. And that's good news in a constantly changing digital world.

Then, we could talk to you about "business". Digital transformation is obviously our daily background music. Of course, the evolution of infrastructures and information systems, the Cloud, cybersecurity, virtual reality (which has been a reality for us for more than 10 years)... We have mastered this. We orchestrate these issues with passion. But in our eyes, this complex score needs a little extra soul: it requires empathy and keeping the human being at the center.

In reality, we would like to tell you about our internal music... Our teams are made up of more than 160 passionate employees, recruited for their human qualities and their sense of contact, in addition to their technical skills. Available, reachable, alert, they ensure a follow-up from A to Z to each of our customers. A support of virtuosos which is a must.

An independent French company
Since 1986!
Advanced certifications
Passi - Iso 27001 - Cert - cyber expert
160 employees
in the service of our customers
French tech
Label inovation
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Our talents

Kenza El Kettani
IT Recruitment Officer

Kenza is a member of our recruitment team. She specializes in digital infrastructure and cloud computing. Working with our business engineers, she identifies the talent that will meet our customers' needs. Sourcing, direct approach, application analysis and interviews are all part of her daily routine. She supports each of our candidates throughout the recruitment process and beyond!

"With us, you're not just a CV, your personality and soft skills come first".

Edouard Fortunet
Cybersecurity Consultant

His job? He supports and advises our customers in the development of their IT security to prevent and counter all types of threats to their information systems. But he doesn't just work behind a computer. He also carries out physical intrusions on behalf of our customers, to detect weaknesses in access to a company's data center. He's like our very own James Bond 😉

"The on-x spirit is really a spirit of proximity where all the company's functions cross paths on a very regular basis".

Where to find us?

Headquarters Paris

15, quai de Dion Bouton
Tel : +33 1 40 99 14 14

The Toulouse agency

78, allées Jean Jaurès
31000 Toulouse
Tel : +33 5 61 47 72 00

The Lyon agency

WOJO Part Dieu - Silex 1, 15 rue des cuirassiers
69003 Lyon
Tel : +33 4 78 63 79 81

The Laval agency

106 av Pierre de Coubertin
53000 Laval
Tel: +33 2 43 56 74 83