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When I founded on-x in the 1980s, my greatest wish was to provide our clients and partners with a local, uncompromising service, centered on people and relationships based on trust. Thirty years later, this wish has become the DNA of the group. For us, the needs of our clients are above all projects, large or small, carried out by men and women ofon-x. We make it a point of honour to work alongside you to help you succeed. Our signature, our values, are embodied, every day, by our employees, all experts in their fields. Their personalities, their uniqueness and their talents bring you the most appropriate solutions to your digital problems, so that together we can play a score that is free of any misunderstandings or false notes.

Louis Etienne Polette
Founder ofon-x group

Our offers

Because digital transformation can't be improvised, we are by your side at every step of your projects. Whether you are a little lost (we can't be experts in everything) or you know perfectly what you need (it happens too 😉 ) we will know, through each of our expertises, how to tune to your requests and compose with you the score that looks like you.

Infra & information system

All you need is love* and a very good infrastructure...

Find the perfect match! We accompany you in your projects of equipment and innovative digital tools, apps of your own, databases and / or software, collaborative tools ...

* The Beatles


Under pressure*... Keep calm, everything is under control...

You want to protect your information system, train your teams to cyber risks, test your RGPD compliance or you have just suffered an attack and don't know what to do? It's never too late to act. Correct the bugs with our experts and/or learn how to avoid them.

* Queen & David Bowie

ANSSI security visa


Lucy in the Sky*, with all your data safe...

Secure data and digital resources accessible everywhere, all the time, in a cloud adapted to your business (sovereign cloud, world wide cloud, managed services...). Your business live!

* The Beatles

Digital Territories

You rock my World* ! Yes, we are doing our best to connect everyone...

Local authorities, telecom operators and manufacturers, banks and investment funds, find the right time for your connected and sustainable projects.

* Michael Jackson

XR: Extended Reality

The virtual world is real*...

Getting involved in Virtual and Augmented Reality means preparing the world of tomorrow, exploiting the full potential of data and digital methods in an immersive approach to improve our interaction with the real world. Better understanding, better forecasting, testing, trying, training, and ultimately acting better in reality, that's what these cutting-edge technologies are all about.

* -M-

We are human after all then comes digital

Digital technology offers an incredible range of possibilities to seduce your customers, unite your teams and boost your development. Our world is becoming, in many ways, virtual. But what remains very real is that behind each digital project, there are people serving other people. And that's good news, because with us, it's all about people! So yes, we know how important it is to have the right IT tools, we know how essential a well-virtualized information system is, we know how important it is to protect your digital infrastructures, your data and so many other things... It is for all these reasons that our teams are by your side and offer you support and solutions that are perfectly in tune with your business and your needs and that are just right!

Vignette with the ON-X Group logo
Top of the pop teams

Choosing on-x means working with a group that is vibrant and cultivates talent. A melting pot of passionate experts and unique personalities who listen to your needs. How about a score that combines excellence, goodwill and a good atmosphere? Then let's hear it!


Associate Director
Did you say "Saturday night fever"?

25 years in the digital industry and the transformation of territories, that counts! And to air my mind, there is nothing like the mountains and the great natural spaces that I travel as often as possible. Need a party are at the right place, I take care of everything 🙂


Director, Digital Infrastructure and Cloud
His job, his passion

An engineer with a degree from the Ecole Centrale and more than 20 years with on-x groupe, I started out in infrastructure consulting and support. Over the years, I have progressed and taken on more and more responsibilities. Today, I'm head of the Digital Infrastructure and Cloud divisions. My day-to-day life outside on-x? IT! As you can see, I've turned my passion into my job.
Florence Landier, Director of Human Resources, on-x group


Human Resources

Pianist in his spare time
For 30 years in human resources management, I have been ensuring that the teams work in harmony on a daily basis. In collaboration with operational managers, I ensure the development of individual and collective skills and the enhancement of our employees' careers.
Farid Bouchaïb, virtual augmented reality developer for the ON-X group


Virtual & Augmented Reality

Handyman and not only of Sunday!
Engineer specialized in xR and VR, I participate and realize different projects with high visibility for our customers. What I like in my job is the teamwork and the coordination of the different professions in order to achieve a concrete and common project. The main objective: customer satisfaction! On the opposite side of the spectrum from my job, I am passionate about DIY. Even though I am an amateur, I am not afraid to tackle big jobs! Thanks to Youtube (my best friend!) I can wear the plumber's hat, the mason's hat or the electrician's hat.


Head of the team
"Digital uses and services".

Passionate stylist
For 7 years in the business, when I am not with my clients, I am a fashion designer for my nephews!

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Function on a line


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