Digital Infrastructure

Our experience

36 years of Digital practice

on-x has 36 years of experience in consulting and information systems. In a digital world, which is constantly evolving, we make it a point of honour to commit ourselves to your side and to accompany you towards the success of your projects. Our leitmotivs: to remain pioneers, to be one step ahead and above all to keep men and women at the center of our organizations. We are Human after all then comes digital.

A little history

Large groups, SMEs, local authorities: our group plays on all stages. To name a few of our clients, we have been chosen by BPI France, Aklia, Legrand, Artelcom, Coriolis Telecom, Société Générale... Our expertise has also earned us the right to work for public services, administrations and local authorities, including EDF, Orange, Sncf, SIAAP, Le Grand Paris, Ouvrages Olympiques or Assistance Publique, Hôpitaux de Paris.

It must be said that since our beginnings, digital transformation has been our daily life.  

It's true that the digital world is highly technical. But at on-x we want to talk about advice, exchanges and human relations. Because beyond our expertise, the most of our teams is the personality and uniqueness of each of its members. These top-of-the-pop teams are made up of passionate people, recruited for their human qualities, in addition to their technical skills. Available and alert, our teams ensure a follow-up from A to Z, from design to deployment of your projects without drowning you in jargon.

Our mission? To act as an agile catalyst to define your needs with you and put your projects to music. Our signature "Always on your sidewe did not choose it by chance 😉

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