Gender equality index

Male and female at equal height on a pen

In accordance with the terms of Decree no. 2019-15 of January 8, 2019, companies with between 50 and 250 employees must calculate and publish their gender equality index every March 1. For the year 2023, ON-X Groupe scored 86/100 on the gender equality index. This [...]

Data protection, a competitive advantage?

Young friends listening to music on white brick background

The RGPD or in other words the General Data Protection Regulation, this is indeed a subject that makes many of us grind our teeth. So to avoid damaging your teeth and put a smile back on your face, we suggest you see data protection from another angle ⏩ that of competitive advantage!

Route du Rhum: we made it!

The Ultim of the Mieux collective crosses the finish line of the Route du Rhum

The skipper took sixth place in the ranking of the Route du Rhum Destination Guadeloupe 2022, at the helm of his giant trimaran, the oldest of the Ultim 32-23 fleet, equipped by Ultim Sailing and supported by the Mieux collective, of which on-x is a founder.

on-x joins the Route du Rhum with Mieux

Arthur Le Vaillant's Ultim Mieux at the start of the Route du Rhum 2022

Entering the Ultim category, the giant trimaran in the colors of the Collectif Mieux, of which on-x is one of the co-founders, started the Route du Rhum yesterday. Destination Guadeloupe for a unique project based on shared convictions.

on-x group has a new look

on-x group visual advertising

The on-x group is getting a makeover and that's no small thing to say! A new brand platform, a new visual identity, a new website... and this is just the beginning, the first part. The world is changing, the on-x group is changing with it and adapting without ever denying its core values of humanity, respect, commitment [...]

on-x Cyber Quiz: test your knowledge in Cybersecurity!

Like every year, the month of October is marked by the digital security awareness campaign called Cybermois. For this occasion, our teams have designed a CyberQuiz to allow everyone to test their knowledge of digital security. Through 10 questions, accompanied by an educational answer, test your good practices by playing our quiz:

Sovereign Cloud, where does France stand?

Our Digital Security consultant Axel Foulard has written an article on a subject that concerns us all. In this article, our consultant gives an overview of the sovereign cloud in France and the recent recommendation of the interdepartmental director of digital Nadi Bou Hanna that the Microsoft Office 365 suite on the Azure cloud should not be [...]