Lucy in the sky*
with all your data safe

You want to store your data, dematerialize your files and outsource the life of your entire company. Your teams sing the praises of collaborative tools and file sharing and you want to play the mobility card with new tools. As a counterpoint, you need great protection for your backups.
Our cloud offerings allow you to secure all your data in the cloud, while keeping your feet firmly on the ground.
* The Beatles

Our solutions

The Cloud is all about the magic of digital technology. An ethereal, almost elusive world, where it is possible to store data, dematerialize files, and outsource the life of one's entire company with infinite flexibility. This may seem unreal, but it is very real. Online messaging, collaborative tools, data sharing, securing your duplicate and outsourced backups... The Cloud allows you to secure all your data in the cloud, while keeping your feet firmly on the ground.

Customized Cloud

Walk above the clouds...

I need a tailor-made cloud solution, Build to run, to be supported in my cloud migration projects.

Design Audit (Audit and consulting, Architecture design, move on DevOps/ Cloud...)

Build (project feasibility assessment, deployments/ evolutions/ migrations, Cloud setup...)

Run (Maintenance in operational condition, Infrastructures and materials, 24/7 or 8/24 and 5/7 service contract...)

Manage (Evolution management, IaC -Infrastructure as a code, optimization, performance and quality, cost optimization - FinOps...)

Public cloud & managed services

Rock around* the cloud ...

* Bill Haley

I need to encourage the mobility of my teams. 

Telecommuting, travel, remote, flex-office: I want more flexibility? Play your part with us.

 Sovereign cloud, with our partner Scaleway, managed services from on-x group in addition (24x7x365 supervision, centralized support, single portal, incident and request management, diagnostics and measurements, level 1, 2, 3 support...)

World wide Cloud solution, "RGPD compliant" ? with one of our partners Alibaba Cloud or the well known Aws always with on-x managed services.

Digital Sobriety

Fly me to the moon ...

* Frank Sinatra

I want an environmentally responsible return on investment (ROI).

The solution: Quanta, a SaaS solution managed by theon-x group teams.

Measure the web performance of your sites and infrastructures

 Assessing your digital sobriety

Control, anticipation and monitoring of the evolution of your income

Digital access security

Knockin' on heaven's door...

* Guns N' Roses

I need to secure my digital access. 

We have a solution for you, with our partner Inwebo.

Strong Authentication High Security & Agile

Multi-factor management (Saas, SSO, VPN, IAM, PAM, Mobile, Business)

Monitoring to prevent cyber threats

 User solutions (multi devices)

Microsoft office 365 expertise

Fly me to the moon ...

I need a Microsoft Office 365 expert to help me deploy the solution.

on-x is one of MS365's partners and experts who can help you, which is good news!



MS365 Solution Design

AD management, Xmailing, 0365 backups...


Migrating to the cloud?
What for?

Ensure the flexibility of your traffic

Secure your business

Gain in performance and productivity

Offer mobility and flexibility to your teams


Why with the on-x group?

Secure hosting in France

World Wide Cloud solutions "RGDP compliant

Redundant multi-datacenter infrastructures

Standard accommodations

24/7 support

DeSecOps approach

ISO 9001:2015 certification
ISO 27001 Certification Badge - Information Security Management
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Backstage Cloud

Our client, Jurisystema web agency created in 2007 and specialized in the legal field, facilitates access to the law for individuals.


Hosting of the web services offered by Jurisystem

Guaranteed availability, scalability and high performance levels


PaaS hosting

Securing the platform

Managed Services


Maintenance of security standards through technological watch

Time freed up to focus on core business

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