Digital Infrastructure

Digital Infrastructure

All you need is love*,
and a really good digital infrastructure

Evolving tools, improving software, optimizing updates, and introducing new solutions... This infernal rhythm requires a perfect mastery of your score. In a fast-moving digital world, keeping up with the pace is essential to managing your information system. You might as well entrust it to digital experts.

* John Lennon

Our solutions

You are in charge of orchestrating a well-developed information system. Between the constant improvement of software, the continuous evolution of tools, the optimization of updates, the appearance of new solutions... You don't know where to turn? And because we don't mess around with the issues that will determine tomorrow's business, our teams of consultants, technicians and developers are at your side, on a contract basis or in a service center. Our goal: to provide you with tailor-made solutions without any false notes.

An infra in harmony with my job

Live together in perfect harmony*  

* Paul MacCartney

The solution requires a great ability to listen to your business challenges, anticipate your expectations and build an adapted digital infrastructure in partnership with you.

That's good news: support is our forte. We have the perfect ear for all questions concerning the design, implementation, management and operation of operator solutions. As a specialist in the world of electronic communications operators, the digital infrastructure division ofon-x builds all the associated reflection on your infrastructures and information systems in stereo with you.

Design and implementation of your workstation deployment

Improving the performance of your equipment

Supervision of your equipment to avoid disasters and foreseeable breakdowns

Securing your digital infrastructure

Digital project management

Fix the world up for you*

* James Morrison

Nerves of steel when it comes to your digital infrastructure and information systems? You need a conductor to accompany you! Our experts are at your side at every stage: audit, consulting, implementation assistance, project portfolio governance...

Development of project plans

Project coordination in complex environments

Project management organization / quality assurance plan

Management of risks and opportunities

Budget management

Project Management Assistance

Riders on the storm*

* The Doors

Does the idea of assisting project managers make you go up an octave? Do you want both advice and VIP support, from the first note to the grand finale? Put your pain to rest. At on-x, we love developing information system master plans or improving business processes, thinking about their organization and the tools that enhance them.

Study of the evolution or redesign of your information system (diagnosis of the existing, identification of your needs, functional and technical specifications, ergonomics...)

Construction and management of the project (data migration strategy, deployment strategy, acceptance strategy, documentation analysis...)

Conducting public or private tenders

Change management (communication strategy, training engineering, formalization of procedures and business process re-engineering)

Tailor-made accompaniment

Combination of the two*

* Big Brother and the Holding Company

Live coaching, one-time assistance or full version, you want a formula adapted to your company and it is quite normal. We offer three types of support depending on your projects.

One-off missions? One or more consultants are dispatched to your premises for a perfect understanding of your business processes and challenges and to control the evolution of your project according to your methodology.

A long-term mission but not always on the same tempo? We mobilize the human and material resources necessary at each moment of your project. This is the guarantee for your teams to reach their objectives without having to follow the progress of the project with a magnifying glass.

Need to go further? The solution: the service center. A dedicated structure (one-off or permanent), created especially for you, which ensures the implementation, evolution and operation of services. The guarantee of the best quality of services for users and a CIO free to concentrate on his activity.

Management consultants (dispatched to your company)

Fixed price consultants

Permanent Service Center (to manage the operation)

One-time service center (in response to a new need)


Transform my Infrastructure or my information system?
What do I need to do?

Equipment, hardware and software, hardware and software technologies, telecommunication devices, applications, software, databases, security devices and internet connection, not to mention servers and collaborative tools.
In other words, your IS must be tuned like clockwork. Are you nervous?


The on-x teams are on your side and it's not just talk!

Build to run capability

A perfect knowledge of the ecosystem

Made to measure

Multidisciplinary teams

Over 35 years of experience

Complementary expertise (Cyber, Cloud, xR...)

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Behind the scenes with infra and IS

Woman and man in a supermarket in front of the bread department

Our client is one of the leaders in the retail sector with more than 321,000 employees and a turnover of more than 800 M€.


Piloting RFI/RFQ on innovative telecom technologies

Technological benchmark and definition of new telecom needs


Conducting technical and financial tenders (in-house): drafting, analysis of responses and scoring

Carrying out studies on multi-access telecom (MPLS, 4G, Internet VPN, secure proxy) and SD-WAN

Application of the AGILE methodology in project management


Selection of telecom players that perfectly match business needs

Optimization of telecom resources in terms of performance, availability and costs

Access to new functionalities associated with modern telecom technologies: mobility, connectivity, collaboration...

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